Food outlet saturation represents a neglected concern

I am the last person to make any sort of negative remarks regarding food service — having worked in food service for four summers now. The actual food service is not the main issue, but it’s simply the location of these outlets on campus. 

Servo, Bullet Hole, Commons Café and Dive remain in the west part of campus — all in the same general area. Now, this is not a question of laziness because the Gettysburg College campus is a smaller campus, but it’s a remark revolving around convenience.

For instance, I have two classes: one ends at 11:15 am in Glatfelter and one begins in Breidenbaugh at 11:25 am. This is a ten minute window where I am looking for a quick snack, late breakfast, or early lunch. There is no outlet in the walking span from one building to the next. There is not a chance, even if you run, that you could reach Bullet Hole and bring back some food for your class starting at 11:25 pm. There is not even a simple vending machine in either of these two buildings.

I ask the college not for a second or third Bullet Hole, but I ask for a simple food stand or cart on any other part of campus outside the food saturated area. A vending machine would even supplement my wishes. This request is not just to fulfill a desire to eat in between classes, but it would help late at night when I am in residence hall all the way in the east corner of campus. I am looking for a quick coffee or snack, and I have to walk all the way to the opposite side.

Yes, I could go to City Mart, but I would like to use the Dining Dollars that are already paid in advance. It’s a suggestion for which I believe to be reasonable. The new renovations will add choice to the Gettysburg consumer, but they will not add convenience.

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