Santini chats about men’s soccer season

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Patrick Santini is a forward and captain of the Gettysburg College D3 Men’s Soccer team. I had a chance to catch up with him and learn more about the season.

Andy Milone: Who do you think has been the biggest surprise on the team so far this season?

Patrick Santini: The best surprises have been Sam Lerman and Jonathan Molini. Right now, they are playing the 10 position under me in our 3-4-3. Sam has had three assists to me and one goal of his own while Jonathan has just been really good with running at players and being dangerous.

AM: You had the recent tough 0-1 loss to Johns Hopkins. What do you think the key to success will be for you to compete with the top dogs of the Centennial Conference?

PS: It’s going to be stringing passes together and being more creative in the final third. We want to see if we can get different players into the mix to score some goals. And I think that we definitely competed with Johns Hopkins and right now, I think that they are the best team in the league. A lot of people would say that, and we were with them from the start to the finish.

AM: You’re off to a hot start with eight goals. What do you think is different in your game from last year?

PS: I’m playing a different position. Last year, I was in the 10 position, and this year I am playing in the number 9 slot — more up top. So there is definitely more pressure on me to score goals, and I didn’t do that the last two games having been shut out in both of them. But I love being up there, and like I said, Sam Lerman and Jonathan Molina have done a really good job of supporting me, so hopefully, I can keep this up.

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