Big returns: Homecoming reflections from the Class of 2017

Kellie Burke ’17 and Aaron Bezio ’17 at graduation

Homecoming Weekend 2017 came and went. You saw the football team lose to Dickinson. You stalked the Facebook profiles of Kellie Burke ’17 and Aaron Bezio ’17 after their engagement. But have you heard from these alums about their time back on campus this Homecoming Weekend?

Noah Koester ’17 works as an admissions counselor at 2U in Denver, Colorado…


“It was really great being back on campus, it was an interesting feeling of being on the campus and not having homework or classes. My advice for students is to enjoy being so close to so many of your friends all the time. It’s special. You will all scatter after you graduate and it takes effort to stay connected. So do well in classes and work hard, but really appreciate and enjoy the company around you.”


Emily Patterson ’17 works as a teacher in the central Pennsylvania area…

Emily (bottom left) visits with AOII sorority sisters during Homecoming Weekend

“I got to pretend I was in college one last time. While it was extremely fun and it was great to see friends, i thought it would be a lot harder to leave. I realized while college was great, I absolutely love where i am in life. I love my job and I’m genuinely excited to see my kids tomorrow. So here’s hope to all you seniors getting scared about graduating from someone who thought graduating would be horrible. Enjoy it while it lasts but life after it is pretty great too.”

Chandler Robertson ’17 works as a web content writer and creator out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…

Chandler visits with old classmates over Homecoming Weekend

“It was great to come back to campus and to realize you missed things you weren’t even thinking about. Obviously you want to see the people, but just being back in the space was great. The whole weekend is a great way to reconnect with all of those things that made us love Gettysburg so much when we were students.”

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