Rebranding Billy the Bullet

The school has lacked an associated mascot since the day that Billy the Bullet was identified as looking like a you-know-what.  A mascot represents school pride, passion, and excitement, and this is an issue which can be addressed by the school becoming something other than The Bullets or rebranding the actual image of Billy the Bullet. The second option is more realistic, and therefore, Billy the Bullet needs to become something else.

What is associated with a bullet and civil war that is non-provocative and non-censorship worthy?

My vote is an old fashion cannon figure, or a soldier with a “better” picture of a bullet patched on the chest of the mascot. Gettysburg College needs a new icon to market, and this advancement will only generate more revenue with more apparel being sold, specifically to highlight the Bullets.

The mascot could be called Billy the Cannon — and obviously, we are the Gettysburg College Bullets, so this wouldn’t completely match up, but it’s better than a mascot that no longer exists. Here are a couple images pulled from a simple Google search, which could work.

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While these images are humorous, that’s part of the point. Mascots are supposed to be funny — and inspiring, energetic, emotional, entertaining, passionate, etc. This is something that is missing.

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