After 47 years, Pizza House seeks a buyer

(Andy Milone/GNN)

Pizza House has been doing business since 1969, and Gettysburg College showed past interest in buying the real-estate — but no longer express this desire. Owners Tom and Linda Pililis are husband and wife, who are now just looking to relax.

“We have no regrets about the business. We had thoughts about selling beer at one point, but we wanted to keep the family atmosphere,” said L. Pililis.

The school may not have the allotted budget for the property, L. Pililis said, and this may be due to the college’s recent purchase of 250 Carlisle Street, one of the bigger acreages on campus not previously college owned.

Before the business, T. Pililis moved to the US with around $5 in his pocket and eventually met his future wife in Shippensburg.


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