Gettysburg senior gets wet for charity 

On the eve of their “pizza 5k” philanthropy event, ΛΧΑ, ΑΧΡ, and ΑΟΠ members all gathered at the pavilion behind West Building for a pasta-dinner fundraiser.

Feeling that the funds were not being raised quite fast enough, senior Steve Muoio (ΛΧΑ) ‘18 decided to take the fundraising efforts into his own hands.img_1511-1

Muoio bet the students present that if they could raise $150.00 for their charity (Feeding America) in under one minute, he would run and jump into the shallow, frigid waters of the pond next to the Quarry.

After just 40 seconds, the $150.00 had been raised. Steve was going swimming.

Fully clothed and surrounded by dozens of iPhone cameras, Muoio bravely plunged himself into the filthy, ice-cold pond.

Gettysburg College students definitely don’t mess around when it comes to raising money for charity. Not all heros wear capes. Thanks for all you do Steve.



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