Black Lives Matter in Breidenbaugh

(Alexa Secrest/GNN)

Since the beginning of the fall semester, a Black Lives Matter flag has hung outside Professor Taylor Brorby’s office window in Breidenbaugh Hall.

On Oct. 10, an anonymous person/group hung a Blue Lives Matter flag outside the window adjacent to Professor Brorby’s.

On Oct. 16, the new flag was taken down, and a correspondence between English Professor Duquette and the anonymous person/group began via taped messages to the window from which the flag was hung. Duquette argued that because the window belonged to a public hall, rather than a private office, the flag’s presence suggested that all those in the building agreed with its message.

Duquette removed the flag, and she encouraged the anonymous students to continue the dialogue through more productive outlets.

On Oct. 24, the anonymous person/group hung a new Blue Lives Matter flag in the same window; this time taping a response of their own. The brief message stated that the right to free speech is a cornerstone of American democracy, whether or not the speech is popular. It then critiqued elements of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and concluded with the signature “VP” and a P.S. note stating “Keep the other flag, this one too, if you want.”

The new Blue Lives Matter flag was removed the next day, and a new message was added to urge “VP” to pursue another method of expression, such as a personal discussion. The signature of this note was illegible.

Though this exchange has attracted little attention, the correspondence between the professor and anonymous person/group are still taped to the original window on the third floor of Breidenbaugh. As of today, no one has come forward to take credit for the hanging of the Blue Lives Matter flag.

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  1. Secrest the best. With her on board, GNN will soar above all other Gettysburg related “news” providers

  2. I absolutely love this. We need fair and balanced journalism and it’s good to see someone is taking that initiative.

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