Why eating soup in a movie theater could become a regular occurrence

Photo courtesy of Campbell Soup Company

A customer goes to a movie theater and can buy popcorn, slushies, candy, and maybe in the future… soup.

Campbell Soup Company is targeting China as one of its potential new markets for the future. This market is home to the most populated country in the world, but it’s also home to a cinema market which is booming.

What if the movie theaters sold soup as a complementary good to films? I’ve been to a lot of cold theaters in the last decade, so soup is often something that I wish was sold. It is a risk worth taking for Campbell Soup Company because the potential result could end up being a new fad in China, which would benefit both parties in the long run.

This proposal wouldn’t be the company’s craziest decision as the corporation started to sell Keurig (K) cups at one point — an idea, which was quickly discontinued. One under-the-radar, positive decision for Campbell Soup Company was the acquiring of Pepperidge Farms, who sells Goldfish and Milano Cookies. Not all of Campell’s decisions mean definitive results, but Chinese cinema is on the rise, and this is the time to try and spark something from an industry which is at or near is peak.

There would be the potential danger of a lawsuit erupting if someone were to spill a hot cup of soup on themselves. But theaters do continue to sell coffee after past lawsuits have resulted from this hot beverage.

Another point of contention is that consumers may not buy soup at jacked up prices because this food item is usually purchased as a low priced good in today’s market. The theaters would be charging extra for convenience, so hopefully, the consumer would recognize the reasoning behind the overpricing of soup — like they do at a ballgame when they buy a beer for $12.

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