Chi O Night Live champions crowned

Chi O Night Live — a fraternity and sorority talent competition hosted by Chi Omega in the CUB Ballroom — took place Friday evening where Phi Delta Theta and Tri Sigma rose to the top of the award pedestal. Phi Delta Theta was represented by Kevin Maier, who sang and played an acoustic guitar. The sororities all prepared their own dance routines with Tri Sigma being voted as the best.

Maier performs. (Margot Hoagland/Student)

Chi Omega raised around $2000 in cash for tickets bought at the door and around $3000 from the past few weeks, Virginia Sanford said; the proceeds go to Chi Omega’s national philanthropy, Make-A-Wish Foundation. Meggie Loughran and Caroline Lewis hosted and entertained behind the mike for the entire two hour event while Bomb Squad and Drop The Octave also made appearances.

Here were the top three finishers for both the sororities and fraternities:


  1. Tri Sigma
  2. Alpha Delta Pi
  3. Alpha Omicron Pi


  1. Phi Delta Theta – Kevin Maier
  2. Alpha Tau Omega
  3. Sigma Chi
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