Economics Department gets spooky

On Monday, October 30, students gathered at the Economics Department for hot cider, apples and caramel while taking part in the department’s annual pumpkin carving contest. The entries were unlike any jack-o-lanterns on campus, but equally scary!

The front of the Economics Department with all the pumpkins (Photo/Submitted)

Some students took a more traditional approach to their pumpkins by carving Halloween favorites like Linus and the Great Pumpkin, Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon.”  Others carved what scares them most: supply and demand graphs, micro theories, and advanced formulae.

Success was measured in artistic excellence and creativity.  The most creative jack-o-lantern was the Great Pumpkin, carved by Angelica Marra ’18 — as determined by the department’s faculty and students.

Angelica Marra ’18 and the Great Pumpkin (Photo/Submitted)

 The pumpkin dubbed “most creative” was carved by the team of Kat Torrance ‘18 and Kate Hegwood ’18.  It was an artistic representation of the famous game theory game, the prisoner’s dilemma.  Their pumpkin featured prison bars, and two “prisoners” inside, represented as oranges.

Kat Torrance ‘18, Kate Hegwood ’18 and their “prisoner’s dilemma” pumpkin (Photo/Submitted)

The Department had so many great entries that they created an additional award to recognize another great entrant.  The “most esoteric” jack-o-lantern was a design inspired by Euler’s Formula carved by Polina Rozhkova ’19 and Jack Gardner ’19.

Polina Rozhkova ’19 and Jack Gardner ’19 carving their pumpkin (Photo/Submitted)
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