Open window and late night: mystery figure unleashes vocals




Open window and late night: mystery figure unleashes vocals (Andy Milone/GNN)

The booming music was heard from across campus around 1:30 am coming from a Schmucker Hall open window.

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  1. This is a clear violation of the unauthorized recording policy. Taking a video of a student in a campus building where there is clearly a reasonable expectation of privacy? Please..this is what passes for responsible journalism these days, Iguess

    1. Hi Will – GNN is not trying to violate anyone’s privacy. The organization is fully aware of the recording policy and recognizes that there have been recent changes to the institutional framework of Gettysburg College. The vocals could be heard from several hundred feet away due to the windows being open and could be heard from anyone walking nearby — as far as the road passing by the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. The assumption was that this individual was aware of his/her music being open to the public. Please, if you still feel as if this content violates personal rights or the institutions of Gettysburg College, I encourage you to reach out to me at and set up a time to discuss the issue further. Thank you.

      Andy Milone

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