Write Night brings more than just writing to attendees

Write Night took place this past Thursday, Nov. 9 — an event hosted by the college’s art and literary magazine “The Mercury.” The time was mainly allotted as an open mic night for staff of the magazine and other English lovers, who listened and shared pieces of their own writing and/or favorite selections.

This event was complete with refreshments such as cookies and apple cider, a bookmark-making station, and a few other amenities other than food and books — the main incentives of the event. The Mercury staff even planned trivia questions with a table full of prizes for anyone who answered correctly. The prizes included Poe(-lka dot) socks, pocket thesauruses, and more.

It is hard not to admire those that are willing to get up in front of a crowd and share their work.  There was much appreciation for the pieces of such prospective writers and the atmosphere which supported the sharing of personal expression.

Click here to view “The Mercury” online.

— Founding Member, Sarah Rinehart, co-authored this report

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