Abolish the Honor Code

Abolishing the Honor Code is maybe a little extreme, but at least get rid of the part about professors not being allowed in the room while students take tests. When students take tests unsupervised, this is paramount to simply asking them to cheat.

We all know what college students are like. Students want to spend as little possible time taking tests while still receiving the highest grade possible. We’re programmed from elementary school to achieve academically by any means necessary, so having students take tests unsupervised in very crowded classrooms — where they can easily lean towards the desk next to them to get a quick peek at their neighbor’s test — makes no sense.

I understand that the Honor Code’s main objective is to have students supervise each other and report a violation if they see one. But this is the biggest flaw.

Nobody likes a rat; it is a well-known fact that snitches get stiches (or at the very least, social isolation). It’s also hard to tell if the two kids whispering in the corner are talking about the answer to question three or debating which fraternity is the best (answer: none of them).

Having a proctor in the room would easily fix the problem. Their mere presence deters any funny business. Problem solved.

Your move, Honor Commission.

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