#TBT Queer Thanksgiving (pictures and sketches of event included)

Thanksgiving dinner with family is over, but it is never too late to throw back to the time on campus when Thanksgiving is celebrated early.

With Thanksgiving being around the corner, the grateful-vibe was exemplified widely more than ever on Gettysburg College grounds. You studied and worked with many over the semester, so now, it was a time to send thanks to those people; it was a time to embrace all the love and give love back to your kind of people.

As a tradition, many early parties were thrown on campus by clubs and community-based groups (take the insanely crowded Servo Thanksgiving for instance), and Q House (aka Queer House)  was one of those community-based-groups to have an early Thanksgiving dinner. 

Last Saturday, Nov. 18, Q House threw a Queer (blatantly obvious) Thanksgiving in a “Potluck-style,” where house members took care of main dishes but guests were more than welcome to bring food and friends.


But it was an abnormal, traditional dinner.

It was actually an annual party where Queer pals on campus would have the chance to sit back, relax and embrace their own (and others’) identity without being under the pressure of hiding who they truly are. Some Queer friends have a tough time deciding  whether to go back home and spend time with their families because they may face times of humiliation or pressure by the people whom they call “family.”

Sometimes friends at Q House — ones that they may have just met but truly understand them (even though they don’t share half of their DNA as that of their “family” back home) — is a much better option. Such situation is not applied to all queer friends, but the people in the house still felt the need to bring people in the community together on this special occasion.

Sketch of Lars ’20, one of the house leaders, had a speech before the meal, showing his gratitude towards the people in the community he is living in (Boba/GNN)





Arin ’19, the Q House leader, was going around so their (heart-made) dishes could  make their debut to the pals in the house (Boba/GNN)

The motif was that ‘if you cannot feel belonging in your own house during Thanksgiving dinner, why wouldn’t we throw ourselves one?!’

Friends in the house created their own definition of “family” — one that is not created through blood relationships  — but rather by upheavals that they have shared during their time on campus.

Check out some more ‘candid’ moments captured in the house:

Sketch of Jaime, a dear friend in the house (Boba/GNN)
Sketch of Tiffany Lane, Director of LGBTQA Advocacy and Education (Boba/GNN)
Sketch of Douglas Page, Political Science Professor (Boba/GNN)
Sketch of Rachel Hart Lesser, Classics Professor and her loving wife (Boba/GNN)
Sketch of two other dear friends, Kathy ’19 and Vanessa ’19 (with her signature Chillicious, aka, Camarone en Chile verde Dish that turned her into a wife-material pal (Boba/GNN)
Sketch of a group of amazing freshmen in the house, Marz, Diana and Randy (Boba/GNN)
Enormous whole-roasted turkey. (Lars ’20/Student)
Chloe, a friend in the house, made this incredible chocs mint brownies (Photo/Submitted)
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