Blue is MIA when looking for these three consumption options.

We are passionate about food, beverages and condiments at GNN, so here are just a couple of three odd observations that I made when I first came to Gettysburg… maybe you made them too.

  • Blue is the most common flavor of Powerade. Why are the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in Servo — with all the Coca-Cola beverages — including every flavor of Powerade except for blue?


  • Maybe it is just a New Jersey thing. Or maybe it’s because I worked in a pizza parlor for four years, but I associate buffalo chicken anything with blue cheese. Why is blue cheese not offered as a condiment if buffalo chicken is a common campus option for many different entrees?


  • The Original SunChips are those SunChips in the blue bag. They were missing from campus until the library recently added them to the basement vending machine — which used to sell glue sticks by the way. This the original flavor associated with the brand, so why were the other flavors being offered without the indigenous type? The Original SunChips are still the best of the SunChips in my opinion, but I guess office supplies are deemed more important than the original chips of the generation.
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