In defense of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (VSFS) airs tonight on CBS. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this year’s show — with model Gigi Hadid being denied a visa due to a video being posted of her making a racist gesture (which was actually posted by her own sister, Bella). Even without the drama surrounding this year’s show, the VSFS is still worth a watch.

I’m a staunch supporter of watching in awe as these women showcase their talent at the VSFS. There are many legitimate reasons to criticize the show, but many claim that modeling is easy and these women don’t deserve the hype. This is simply untrue.

Modeling is hard. Take it from someone who has seen almost every season of “America’s Next Top Model.” Do you know how to smize? Because I don’t.

These women work their tiny, toned behinds off to be camera ready not only year round, but especially for the VSFS. Imagine walking in front of thousands of people (millions if you count those watching at home) IN YOUR UNDERWEAR. Bella Hadid had to do just this in front of her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd while he was the performer last year.

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I couldn’t do it, and you couldn’t pay me to do it. But that is exactly what these women do.

A valid criticism of the VSFS is that there is too much nepotism when choosing the models who get this coveted opportunity to walk in the show. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid coast on their family names and do not necessarily have the skill to be such highly regarded models. Jenner surpassed Gisele Bündchen to be the highest paid model in the world this year, which is simply ridiculous. Although Hadid has put more effort into improving her walk, neither are participating in the show this year.

Another valid criticism is that Victoria’s Secret models perpetuate an unattainable standard of beauty. This is very true, but Victoria’s Secret models are different from high fashion models. They don’t starve themselves; most of them praise the benefits of clean eating, healthy diets and rigorous exercise. A lot of them box. Most of them could probably beat me up. Remember when that guy grabbed Gigi Hadid from behind and she elbowed him in the face?

(Daily Mail)

Yeah. These women are hardcore. So don’t write off the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as some mindless display of consumerism. Tune in tonight at 10/9c on CBS.

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