‘Friendly’ revealed as top trait of the Gettysburg College personality

Gettysburg College decided to bring in a research and reputation firm called Dartlet to help better articulate who Gettysburg is as an institution — and results revealed on Wednesday, Nov. 29, that friendly is the top trait to define the Orange & Blue. The other traits were collaborative, transformative, supportive, and forward-thinking.   These results were based on research from data collected in numerous two hour workshops that included faculty, staff, and students.

Dartlet also performed external research to see how Gettysburg ranks up against some of its competitors when it comes to marketing itself.

Out of 10 competitors, the research placed Gettysburg fourth in people being familiar with the college as a whole. Gettysburg was fifth when it came to having a strong reputation. In the full competitive audit, these were the grades of Gettysburg and its competitors:

  • Gettysburg: B-
  • Dickinson: B-
  • Franklin and Marshall: C-
  • Connecticut College: A
  • Muhlenberg: C
  • Union College: A-
  • Skidmore College: B+
  • Bucknell University: A
  • Colgate University: C+
  • Lafayette College: A-
  • University of Richmond: D
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