“Wingo” a smashing success!

This past Friday, December 1, the CUB Ballroom hosted “Wingo,” an annual night of chicken wings, camaraderie and marvelous prizes. Though hundreds of students had a grand old time in the ballroom, here are a few ideas to the make the next Wingo an even bigger success.

  1. Mandatory 15-wing minimum
  2. Mark cards with buffalo sauce
  3. Honor Commission reviews all winners. Use of cross-examination and lie detectors not only permissible, but encouraged!
  4. Even better prizes such as free tuition, DPS vehicle, college President for a day
  5. Celery eating contest
  6. Write-your-own Bingo cards round
  7. Morgan Freeman as MC
  8. 40 square by 40 square Bingo card—everyone plays until “blackout” bingo
  9. Bingo card circles
  10. $42,000 Chipotle gift card
  11. Guided campus tour by President Janet Morgan Riggs
  12. Ostrich wings
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