Bullet Hole name will not be changing

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The Bullet Hole will remain the name of the food establishment located inside the new CUB once complete. Four different options were put up to a vote on a survey released to the student body and the original name won “overwhelmingly,” according to Mike Bishop, College Union Food Service Manager.

The possibility of a new name for the Bullet Hole was put into consideration as the new College Union Building (CUB) continued to be constructed.

“This would have been the opportunity to change the name,” said Bishop. “We at least wanted to explore the possibility.”

There was strong support for not changing the name in the comment section of the survey as some students expressed that they would still use the name Bullet Hole to refer to the food establishment, even if the official name was changed.

The public has now spoken.

Further Updates

Winter temperatures have been at record lows across the east coast, but this weather isn’t causing any reason for concern regarding the completion of two campus renovation projects, which began this past summer. The CUB renovations are still on target to be complete by Fall Semester 2018 while the new renovations of the Eisenhower House, known as the admissions building, are aiming to be complete within the next month or so, Project Manager Christopher Elwood said.

The original target date for the new admissions building was September 2017, according to a previous estimate estimate reported by The Gettysburgian.

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