2018 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes aired tonight and the winners and losers are now in the books. The whole show took an overtly political tone, and thankfully so, with everything happening in the news — it would’ve seemed odd if politics didn’t dominate this awards show.

The #MeToo movement was the star of the show tonight. Many attendees wore black in solidarity with the movement. High ranking female celebrities started this new organization called “Time’s Up” to raise legal funds for women who are assaulted/harassed at their workplace and do not have the clout to speak up for themselves.

Some were disappointed that there wasn’t a female host this year (personally I’m disappointed that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can’t just host the globes every year, although Poehler did get in a few good jokes). But if a straight, white, male had to host the Globes, Seth Meyers was the move. His monologue did a great job of skewering the men taken down this year by being held accountable for their own actions.

Some notable moments happened before the show even started. Many of the female celebrities in #MeToo brought political activists as their guests. This gave these women who dedicate their lives to fighting for justice and equality the wide platforms of Hollywood insiders to speak for themselves.

A standout moment of the show was when Natalie Portman, presenting the “Best Director” category, introduced the nominees by saying “and here are the all male nominees.” This standout moment immediately followed Oprah’s rousing speech that could have easily served as a presidential bid for 2020.

A low moment of the show was the honoring of Kirk Douglas, who was rumored to have raped Natalie Wood in 1954. It seemed wrong to be honoring a man with such a spotty history on gender equity when this year’s Golden Globes was about standing up against sexual assault.

Overall, this year’s Golden Globes handled the current political climate, especially the scandals that have rocked Hollywood this year, very well. They brought attention to an issue in not only the usual surface level, shallow Hollywood way, but in a truly meaningful, change-affecting way. The Time’s Up fund should have a real impact in women’s futures.

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