Email to Hanson Hall on Feb. 2

Fri 2/2, 4:50 PM

Dear Hanson Hall residents,

Following up on our previous email, we have important information regarding your housing.

Before the start of the spring semester, you received information about air quality assessments being conducted in Hanson Hall. These assessments were initiated after work was completed in the ceiling above two adjacent rooms, to address concerns with moisture. The assessment determined that moisture/mold conditions were present above the ceiling in some of the rooms in Hanson basement.

As we reported on 1/31, the College retained an environmental consultant, Compliance Management International (CMI), to complete a comprehensive assessment of the entire building, assessing both air quality and visible presence of mold. That assessment was completed at noon today:

  • Air quality assessments were normal or typical for an indoor environment.
  • Visual assessments revealed mold conditions were present in the first and second floors and limited areas of the third floor.

Our approach:

Despite the fact that air quality tests were normal/typical, we have chosen to be proactive in addressing this issue and take action based on the recommendation of our consultants.

Specifically, we have retained a bioremediation professional, INX Technology Corporation of PA, to remediate (clean and remove all mold from) affected areas in Hanson Hall.  Based on our additional assessment of the building, we have decided to begin work on the basement today and will continue moving to the upper floors to remediate all affected areas.

This work will involve removing water pipe insulation and cleaning affected ceiling cavities and hard surfaces of affected rooms.

In order to work safely and efficiently, we will provide alternative accommodations for residents when remediation begins on each floor. Moving one floor at a time will allow us to properly remove the water pipe insulation and clean all other surfaces with visible mold.  Starting with the basement will allow us to use the space once it is remediated to provide convenient accommodations for residents of the upper floors.

The plan is to complete the basement remediation, then move first floor residents to the basement to clean the first floor, and move residents back to their cleaned rooms.  We will  repeat the process with the second and the affected rooms on the third floor. At the conclusion of any remediation, the affected areas will be professionally assessed prior to re-occupancy of the floor.

What you can expect:

  • We will communicate with you throughout the process the logistical information, but the general timeline is that professional remediation will take approximately two weeks per floor, to be tentatively completed by the end of March. We have already begun with the basement. During the remediation each floor will be professionally sealed.
  • Support will be provided to move your belongings, and we will work to minimize any disruption as much as possible.
  • When your floor is scheduled to be cleaned, you will need to gather enough belongings for a period of up to two weeks.  The bulk of your belongings can remain in the room.  We will ask you to box any items on the floor or on horizontal surfaces.  We will provide boxes for this purpose. The boxes can remain in the room. The professional team will cover all items left in the room.  You will get more information about this as we get closer to the move, including a proposed checklist of what belongings you should be sure to take with you.
  • You may observe project-related work and activity, and we ask that you obey any directional signage.

The College takes very seriously its responsibility to ensure your health and safety.  We will work closely with you to make this process as manageable as we can.  We plan to bring each floor together for meetings to discuss follow-up.

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Residential and First Year Programs at []  or 717-337-6901.  The office will be open on Monday to respond to email and phone inquiries.


Keira Kant, ‘95

Associate Dean of College Life, Residential & First-Year Programs


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