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As week three of the spring semester arrives, students are no longer compelled to complete their assigned readings or study avidly for the upcoming quizzes. Instead, they turn to their social lives, which were sorely missed during winter break. Though small, weekend get-togethers and frat parties will always hold a certain luster, some days are reserved for relaxing with a Netflix binge. Below, I have compiled a list of the best shows to watch on the streaming service, in an effort to help the student body persevere. I tried to exclude shows that almost everyone has seen, such as “The Office” and “Breaking Bad.” Enjoy!

  • “Big Mouth” – Perhaps the most polarizing show I have ever encountered, “Big Mouth” is one of Netflix’s best additions. It is thoroughly disgusting — after all, the plot concerns 7th graders undergoing puberty – but the vast array of unique and strangely lovable characters softens its relentless crudity. I find “Big Mouth” to be hilarious in an appalling way, and I think it is one of the most quotable shows I have ever seen. The animation is somewhat poor, but the voice acting is stellar on all accounts. I recommend “Big Mouth” before any other television show.
    • Favorite Character: Jay, of course!


  • “Jane the Virgin” – Surprisingly, I fell in love with this ridiculous show. An American telenovela based on the accidental artificial insemination of a virgin, Jane Villanueva, seemed campy to me at first; however, I quickly became invested in the endearing characters. In addition, the show addresses and owns its absurdity, a fact which helps suspend the disbelief. I enjoyed the interwoven Spanish (subtitles provided), and found myself frequently laughing out loud. This show’s status as a telenovela guarantees continued interest; therefore, it is an easy binge-watch.
    • Favorite Character: Rogelio de la Vega


  • “Frasier” – I would hope that most people are at least familiar with this classic sitcom, but as an ardent fan, I have never believed that it receives the proper admiration it deserves. It is a light, endearing watch, and the clever humor it employs puts it classes above other sitcoms, like “Friends.” Kelsey Grammer is hilarious as Dr. Frasier Crane, a divorced psychiatrist who lives in Seattle with his formerly estranged father. Each episode is replete with genuinely witty jokes, yet there are several tender moments shared by Frasier and his friends/family, ensuring that the show will remain close to your heart.
    • Favorite Character: Dr. Frasier Crane


  • “American Crime Story :The People vs. O.J. Simpson” – Though I prefer comedic television, dramas such as this are impossible to dislike. Like most Americans, I understood the general circumstances and select details surrounding O.J. Simpson’s 1995 murder trial, but I was ignorant to several specifics of the case. This show provides a 10 episode portrayal of the infamous trial and includes outstanding performances as well as stellar writing. The fast pacing ensures sustained interest, as does the fact that this unbelievable story actually occurred. I was entranced by the depiction of the American legal system, as well as how celebrities on trial are treated; as such, I finished the series in 3 days.
    • Favorite Character/Portrayal: Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, the prosecutor


  • “The Returned” – Though France is not typically renowned for its television series, this show serves as an exception. Subtitles provided, “The Returned” is a gripping drama that is all too conducive to binge-watching. It concerns a small village to which a varied group of people return after several years. Shortly after they reappear to their respective families, it is revealed that each member of this group died in various ways all those years ago, though none of them remember. Every character’s story interweaves at points, unifying the broader themes broached, as well as advancing the sense of mystery. Utterly captivating and beautifully shot, this drama is worthy of anyone’s weekend watch.
    • Favorite Character: Simon Delaître
4.56/5 (9)


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