Printing problems

I would rather fall down a flight of stairs than print something in the Gettysburg College library. It took me a solid half hour to print a one page reading last week. At any point in the day — especially during peak printing hours — you can see hoards of students huddled around the two industrial printers on the main floor, desperately waiting for their papers to come out. At one point, blank pages just started coming out of the steaming printers.

Granted, things are usually chaotic as resources are strained in the beginning of the semester; just look at the mega-servo lines (although those don’t seem to ease that much as the semester goes on), but it shouldn’t take more than five minutes (and even that’s a stretch) to print something.

You can try to sidestep this chaos by printing in the library basement, but those printers notoriously refuse to do their job. Obviously filling so many students’ printing needs is a hard job but the chaos needs to end. I move that an IT person with specific printer capabilities set up shop in the library next to the printers. Or better yet, move all of G-tech to the library, or CUB, or somewhere more convenient than the soccer field.

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