Pizza Day

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As humans, we celebrate holidays that strike a certain emotion within our hearts. Also part of the human condition is the phenomenon of realizing that we often only give credit to the things we love on specific days of the year. Your mother’s birthday should not be the one time per year that you remind her of your love and thank her for all of her support.

Valentine’s Day should not be a day that gets you enough credit to make it to next February with minimal effort. If that is the case, I bet you won’t make it to next February. You may ask “now Drew, this all has to mean something right? Who in your life do you care about enough to compose such beautifully worded prose?” Folks, it’s February 9, National Pizza Day.

We come from different backgrounds. I get it. New Jersey has the best pizza. Learn a new opening line, because your freshman hall is sick of hearing that. Especially the other 80% of the school who also come from North Jersey — the beauty of the Gettysburg pizza scene is that here, we all have the same options: we are all equal when it comes to making these late-night decisions of grave importance.

We’re all guilty of objectifying our local pizza joints, and I myself am far from free of sin in this department. But today, rather than ranking the pie shops within walking distance, I call for a celebration. This is America: you are allowed to have an opinion, you can like or dislike whatever you choose and you can trash talk my favorites all day, but when I have Natural Ice flowing through my system, I reserve the right to make the call to Pizza House and be commanded to be there in 15-20 minutes.

Whatever quad you lived on, your first experience was likely Pizza House. The thin layer of grease on the tables, the heat from the oven that you can feel from the pinball machines. This is a truly great pizza experience. This is a long tradition of light flaky crust, sweet sauce and the price that is perfect for a college student, even a Gettysburg College student.

Maybe you branched out later on in your career. Maybe you met an upperclassman who lived in Ice House and you were just in the neighborhood. You discovered Antica Napoli. The joy that is housed in that building is unrivaled. You will always be greeted with a smile and a delicious meal. Their menu is extensive and some of the sandwiches they offer are not jokes, but real mountains of meat. I wore a Pizza House shirt in there once and I’m still super sorry, man.

You’ve turned 21. You have a buddy with a car. Tommy’s Pizza is a revolutionary discovery for those people who will graduate with the risk of never venturing onto the battlefield. Tommy’s pies come out with the intention of burning your mouth, but their liquor license makes it all worth it.

And hey, I still have respect for you when I see the Dominos car sign come creeping over the stone walls of old TKE like in Jaws. You’re busy. You have the app. You don’t have the time to get out and walk somewhere.

You’re important, you matter, and nobody should ever shame you on your pizza choices. We are a family here, united by our eventual need to go beyond the meal plan and experience what Gettysburg has to offer. Please: do me a favor and go get a slice. Don’t just wolf it down, but enjoy it, and look whoever sold it to you in the eye and just say “thank you.”

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