Scenes of the TV show “Friends” and how they relate to your college life

I watch the NY Mets when it is baseball season, and when it is not baseball season, I watch only one show — Friends. Here are eight scenes from Friends that represent different aspects  of college life (at least I think so). You watch these eight scenes and think of moments in college, when these six friends — Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler — could have been you and your friends. OR, you just watch these scenes and wish your life was just as entertaining. 

Episode 1: The One When You’ve Been Friends Since Freshman Year and Four Years Later Know Way Too Much About Them

Episode 2: The One With First-Year Move In

Episode 3: The One With The People Who Never Learned How To Dance In High School

Episode 4: The One With The Stupid Alarm Down The Hall That Someone Never Shut Off

Episode 5: The One When You Simply Can’t Make A Decision And Then You Meet That Guy

Episode 6: The One Where You See That Guy Or Girl Across The Room But You Don’t Want Them To Know That You Are Talking About Them

Episode 7: The One With Ice-Breakers From The First Day of Class

Episode 8: The One With Your 21st Birthday And You Doing Something Really Stupid

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