Center for Religious & Spiritual Life finds new home on West Stevens Street, embodies a ‘welcoming spirit’

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The Gettysburg College community celebrated and unveiled the new Center for Religious & Spiritual Life — a newly renovated white building in between the Office of Financial Aid and the Center for Career Development — this past Monday, Feb. 12. Chaplain Kristin Largen was present to give tours of the new two floor space. Her vision guided the designing of the center while Facilities staff was responsible for renovating. The past center was located in the deep parts of Christ Chapel.

“It feels exactly like the place that I hoped it would be and a place where I think we will be able to do really wonderful work,” Chaplain Largen said in her toast to the opening.

The event was attended by President Janet Morgan Riggs, Dean of College Life Julie Ramsey, Associate Vice President of College Life Jeff Foster, members of the Huber family — who used to own the property — along with students and many others.

“Times have changed, and with it has the office of the chaplain — we are very pleased about the evolution of that office into an office of religious and spiritual life, which really indicates our desire to serve students with all faiths and religious backgrounds — and not just students, all Gettysburg College community members,” President Riggs said in her welcoming remarks to those in attendance at the unveiling.

“We are really pleased about the evolution of all this, and I think that moving into this facility really enforces it. I think you can feel the welcoming spirit here.”

Dean Ramsey has overseen the evolution of this program throughout the years, according to President Riggs.

The center includes a kitchen, living room, interfaith meditation/worship space (open 24 hrs. a day), two bathrooms, two administrative offices and a conference room — and free access to yoga mats. The living room area includes a flat screen television along with a variety of games, like Takenoko — and will hold book discussions, movie nights and act as a study space for students.

Interfaith meditation/worship space (Andy Milone/GNN)

The kosher-style kitchen includes two sets of cabinets separating dishes and utensils for kosher meat from the other dishes used for milk products and vegetarian food. One of the bathrooms includes a wudu station.

A house once owned by the Hubers, a well-known family amongst Gettysburgians, the building was sold (given) to the college in 1988 and began renovations this past summer.

There will be many events happening each day as a part of the new center’s full experience. The exact address is 75 West Stevens Street. Click HERE for the full list of events each day.

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