Student Senate: Lindsay discusses CUB tables. McKenna ’20 discusses future of FOE philosophy draft.

There were two main portions of this Monday’s Student Senate meeting: Caitlin Lindsay, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life, speaking about the current status of CUB tables — while Pat McKenna, Parliamentarian, spoke about the future of the Freedom of Expression (FOE) philosophy draft.

Caitlin Lindsay – Promoting/Soliciting around campus

There was the concern at Student Senate last semester that the CUB was not being frequented enough, which had a negative effect on the promoting of campus events. Lindsay did some research on the effect on the book store.

“[The book store’s] numbers are actually up for the amount of sales because if you think about it, people still have to come to get their mail. People are still coming for coffee because let’s be honest; all of you love coffee,” said Lindsay.

Most of this original sentiment is probably more on the side of promotion and bringing people to the tables, Lindsay said, and she offered to provide assistance and brainstorming for ideas on bettering this.

Some other opportunities have opened up for the semester, due to the construction — and are only available for the semester. After the construction is complete, there will likely be an evaluation if there continues to be opportunities in multiple locations, or if the opportunities will remain centralized in the CUB.

Solicitation was defined as anytime you are selling a good. CUB tables are still “your best bet,” especially if you are planning on offering the option of student charging.

Tables are available in the library to solicit items, and if you are purely promoting (no selling of any kind), the Jaeger Center will have one table available at the front desk.

“After spring break, we are looking to introduce — when the weather is a little bit more consistent — the cement patio area in front of dining,” said Lindsay.

Organizations can reserve only one table per day using 25Live.

Pat McKenna – Freedom of Expression

Following the Freedom Of Expression Town Hall, McKenna had some words on the timeline for the draft statement. The feedback period for the draft is open until Thursday, Feb. 15.

The Policy Committee will meet next week and redraft the philosophy if necessary, based on the feedback. A final draft will be sent out to the campus community.

This will be a philosophy, which will be debated in Student Senate on Monday Feb. 26, tabled to next meeting and voted on during Student Senate at the beginning of March.

Student Senate will be voting first on this philosophy draft, faculty will most likely follow in the same week and then the Board of Trustees will vote during their meeting in May.

In an informal hand vote conducted by Secretary Kate Helmstetter, there were a large majority of the senate body that had not read the philosophy draft in its entirety.

“If you’re going to read one piece of writing that has to do with Student Senate, you might as well read this one,” said Student Senate President Luke Frigon. “This is something that Student Senate actually has a say in and something that students actually get a say in, and it’s something that we can change.”

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