The Princess and the Pee: What it was like being the only girl on a floor with one (1) co-ed bathroom

After my roommate moved out this past semester, I was the only girl on my floor. The CA was female, but I don’t really count her because she has her own bathroom, so she can avoid most of the problems that this conundrum has caused.

The first floor of my dorm has one (1) co-ed bathroom. It’s setup where the toilet and shower are in a room with a lock that’s separate from a room with the three sinks. If someone is using the shower, then the toilet is unusable and vice versa. This makes the shower/toilet unavailable the majority of the time, especially in the morning when most people on the floor have an early class.

Not only is the bathroom often in use, but the floor is always wet — 100% of the time. If someone has showered in the past few hours (which is likely), then the floor will be wet. The shower is in the same room as the toilet, so this humidity often leads to wet toilet paper which, let me tell you, is actually worse than it sounds.

Also, sharing a bathroom with boys is not pleasant. Every single stereotype about the messiness of boys is true. The toilet seat is rarely down, and when it is, it’s never dry.

You have a lot of your world-views challenged during college, but flushing the toilet after every use was something that I thought everyone agreed upon. And, it is not just the middle of the night when someone rolls out of bed to use the bathroom — and forgets to flush the toilet. It’ll be the middle of the day, and the toilet is un-flushed.

Another unpleasantness of sharing a bathroom with boys is that the sinks are always full of tiny little beard hairs that look like baby spider legs.

The obvious solution is to build another bathroom on the first floor, and then each gender can have their own. Obviously this is not going to happen any time soon. Even though the school is currently undergoing renovations, none of the money has been allocated to updating the dorms, which is strange considering that students spend most of their time in the dorms where they live — so making them as pleasant as possible — would make sense. Some of the dorms are in desperate need of an update. My room still has a steam heater prompting me to wonder what century we’re currently living in.

My struggles with sharing a bathroom with six boys has come to an end as of 2 weeks ago. I’ve recently been evicted from my dorm room in order to consolidate rooms for freshmen due to what I’m choosing to call Mold-Gate.

I got an email that I would be moved upstairs into a triple already containing two girls. I genuinely could not think of anything worse than moving into a room with two girls who are already friends (I think that’s actually the first layer of Hell in Dante’s Inferno) so after a call to Housing from my Mom (sometimes you gotta bring in the big guns) I moved into Seminary.

I will now have my own bathroom, so I bid farewell to un-flushed toilets forever. Follow me on my journey to a 10 minute drive and 15 minute walk from campus.

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