What topics do you want Phoenix Rising to cover?

I was interested in knowing what kinds of questions people have about Neurodiversity or what topics people wanted to learn about in the realm of Neurodiversity. Feel free to leave comments below with topics or questions that you would like Phoenix Rising to cover in our column.

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3 thoughts on “What topics do you want Phoenix Rising to cover?

  1. Is ADD/ADHD over-diagnosed and is it always necessary to treat it with medication?

    1. Great question Alexa. Unfortunately it is much more complex then whether or not ADD/ADHD is over-diagnosed or not. It depends on social class and gender. Kids in higher-income families are more likely to get diagnosed when they don’t necessarily need it and boys especially. But there are also many kids from low-income families who don’t get diagnosed when they need the diagnosis especially girls. Its a similar situation to that of Autism Spectrum Diagnoses except you don’t have too many over-diagnoses with Autism Spectrum. Sadly unlike a cancer diagnosis where you can actually see the cancer forming, we don’t yet have a way of detecting an actual difference in the body that signals to learning differences. In stead we have to rely on professionals just studying behaviors which can sometimes lead to over-diagnosis or under-diagnosis. Some of the symptoms of ADHD are also just normal kid behaviors and sometimes a person with autism is so high functioning that they are misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. To answer your other question, no not everyone needs to treat ADD/ADHD with medication. It’s honestly the preference of the person. For me, I tend to manage my ADHD well enough that I don’t have to use medication, but I manage it because I didn’t like my first experience with ADHD medication. It made me too emotional when I’m already a very emotional person and I didn’t want to risk it with another medication. I have a friend who can’t function without their ADHD medication. It all depends on the person.

      1. Thank you! What an insightful reply! Much appreciated 🙂

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