Student Senate approves budgets, clubs, a senator — and hears complaints on Hanson mold

The Student Senate meeting on February 20 covered budget requests from BSU and EMS, recognized three new clubs on campus, appointed a new senator and heard student complaints about the college’s actions on the mold in Hanson.

The meeting began with Treasurer Sarah Berkowitz ‘18 warning the Senate that five weeks into the semester 32% of the semester’s budget had already been allotted, echoing concerns from last semester that the Senate was overspending unsustainably. Senate does have a rollover budget to reach into in case of overspending, but it is a limited amount of funds built up from money left in the budget at the end of the academic year. During the meeting, BSU was approved for $1,425 for their Step Afrika event, and Gettysburg College EMS was reimbursed $711.94 for a conference they attended.

Abby Hauer ‘21 was recognized as a new Senator.

The Senate also recognized three new clubs for Senate funding. Sparknotes, a limited-member acapella group, which has open meetings Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm in Bridenbaugh 307, sang Wisely and Slow by The Staves. A Gettysburg Student-Run Rotary Club section was also approved, which meets every other week at 8:30 p.m. in Glatfelter 102 — and the Ski Club, which plans to begin hosting events at Liberty Mountain during the next ski season, also received recognition.

The Senate also heard student complaints about the college changing the Hanson Hall basement resident’s compensation. Instead of receiving priority housing next year, the basement, like the rest of the building, will now be receiving a $250 credit to their college account. Several members of the Senate agreed that because the college put the promise in writing, it should not go back on its word to the basement residents. It was also noted that some basement residents lost much more than $250 dollars to the mold. One resident reported losing around $1000 dollars of her own belongings to the mold, which was visible in their room and on their belongings.

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