Heart of Autism: Teacher on the Spectrum Inspires Students with Autism (Autism Speaks)


I don’t normally like to share things from Autism Speaks because it is a very controversial organization in the Autistic Community. People feel like the organization is focused more on finding a way to cure autism rather than accepting autistic people as just people who think differently.

But this Autism Speaks post is great because it’s a poem that was written by an autistic teacher about her experience as an autistic, teaching students on the spectrum.

Here is an excerpt from the poem:

Pull up a blade of grass, sit down and get to know me
Sit quietly with me. I love your company, but I love the silence.
Look at life, with me, as if you are looking at it for the first time.
Watch my eyes dance as I think of something fun.
Look at the world as a toy.

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