7 reasons to work on campus over the summer

Having grown up squished between the beachy North Shore of Massachusetts and the sprawling White Mountains of New Hampshire, I received some shocked responses from friends and family when I decided to spend the summer after my sophomore year working on campus in Gettysburg (2016). Following a stint abroad my junior year, I felt myself drifting from friends at home and closer to my peers in Gettysburg, prompting me to spend another summer in Gettysburg (2017).

Most people were pretty clueless as to why I chose to spend my summers on a sleepy college campus in central Pennsylvania. I was pretty uncertain at first, too. However, after a summer of making some incredible friends, dining at faculty members’ houses, pet-sitting for coworkers and enjoying weather much warmer than that of New England, I was sold. Here is why you should take the opportunity to work (and live) on campus over the summer…

1.) Gettysburg Battlefield sunsets are some of the most beautiful around. You’ll want to pack a picnic and watch the sunset from Little Round Top, while listening to a local play taps on his trumpet.

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2.) You’ll be up-to-date on all of the latest Gettysburg drama and gossip. Last summer, when the College Union Building went up in flames (or so all of my friends thought when they frantically texted me), I was the first to know what was actually going on around campus.

3.) Hollabaugh Bros in the summertime is truly the best. Swing by mid-July for their Blueberry Festival, which includes pick-your-own blueberries, blueberry pie, blueberry-flavored tea, and so much more blueberry-themed fun!

4.) You can spend a lazy Saturday driving out Route 30 toward Lancaster through the strangely-named towns of Amish country. Feast on barbecue, pet some farm animals, and return to Gettysburg grateful for our superiority over Franklin & Marshall.

5.) Create connections with professors, administrators and students who you wouldn’t otherwise meet during the school year at Gettysburg. With only about two hundred students residing on campus per summer, you’ll get to know everyone around!

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.21.11 PM
Group of summer ’16 admissions tour guides at Lake Heritage (Bridget Ashton/GNN)

6.) Treat yourself with your hard-earned money to an Orioles game. I bet your hometown doesn’t have crab fries like these…

Bridget Ashton/GNN

7.) Without a meal plan, you will be cooking for yourself most of the time — and will be forced to get creative! When the days are so long, you can’t help but dine outside on Muss Beach with friends!

Bridget Ashton/GNN


To learn more about living on-campus during the summer, check out all of the resources available at the Center for Career Development and Residential & First Year Programs!

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