Bad Ass Woman: Nadine Snyder

Starting off Women’s History Month, is a profile on one of our newest and brightest women: first-year Environmental Studies major, Nadine Snyder. You may have watched her representing the College Democrats in the Campus Wide Debate this semester, but read further for a more in-depth look at who she really is.


1. Her proudest accomplishment

Nadine describes her proudest accomplishment as how happy she is in college overall. She is proud of her in-depth involvement in the Gettysburg College Democrats and in general campus life; all of this while maintaining her grades and making amazing new friends. When asked to reflect, she is amazed at how much her life has changed in these past seven months. Most impressive is her confidence gain over these few short months, culminating in several leadership positions. Although she doesn’t quite know where Gettysburg is going to lead her, she feels positive that she’s heading in the right direction.

2. A challenge she’s faced as a woman 

In middle school, Nadine describes her negative view and difficult relationship with femininity. She details wanting to have brown hair and masculine features, because she believed that she would be perceived as more intelligent if she did. During this time, she refused to wear make-up and put too much effort into her appearance because she feared looking like “other boy obsessed stupid girls”. When she started dressing in a more traditionally feminine way, the way she had felt more comfortable dressing, she faced some pushback from friends who told her that she looked stupid. It look a while to come to terms with the lack of correlation between intelligence and appearance.

3. Favorite thing about being a woman

Nadine loves how powerful women are. In particular, she admires how women are often the leaders of social movements in large part because they are so empathetic. Women care so much for the well-being of others. Nadine describes how women are driven by their desire to make the world a better place, and is inspired to watch other women and to work with them as well. She’s hopeful for the future because of women.

4. A woman she looks up to

Nadine’s biggest role model is Eleanor Roosevelt. In particular, Nadine admires how she forever changed the role of First Lady by speaking out against racism and poverty and being an active voice in American society. Eleanor didn’t step aside and let Franklin run the office just by himself. She proposed policy ideas and constantly reminded him to remember every single American while signing legislation. Eleanor Roosevelt reminded America that social issues and economic issues are intrinsically linked together; you can’t have economic security if you don’t have basic human rights and vice versa.

5. Plans after Gettysburg

Nadine ultimately hopes to go to graduate school. She’s still unclear about what she wants to study, but wants to make the world a better place than the one that she was born into.

When asked for any last remarks, Nadine gave this piece of advice:
We should all be more confident and believe in our abilities, despite what others think. We all have much power with in us to create a positive change in the world.
4.6/5 (10)


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