#MoldGate: Complete Timeline

1/12: Mold is discovered in Hanson basement over winter break by outside environmental consultants.

1/19: Hanson basement residents receive first email from the college about mold. Hanson basement residents are informed they will be forced to move out of their dorm.

1/23: Basement residents meet with Keira Kant, Dean of College Life, regarding #MoldGate.

1/24: Hanson basement residents are promised priority housing registration over other first-years for next year.

2/2: Hanson residents receive second email from college about mold, asserting that the mold has spread beyond solely the basement.

2/3: This journalist is evicted from her dorm to consolidate rooms for Hanson first-years affected by the mold.

2/19: Hanson residents are told they will no longer receive priority housing and will instead get a $250 credit towards housing.

2/26: Student Senate holds regularly-scheduled meeting where Keira Kant addresses the mold issue. Many students left feeling the school had given insufficient information and handled the debacle poorly.

2/27: Student Body President Luke Frigon sends out email disappointed over the school’s handling of #MoldGate.

2/27: Dean Ramsey sends out apology to students affected by mold after Kant fails to do so during town hall meeting.

2/28: Sam Genova’s Op-Ed about #MoldGate receives a 1000+ views.

3/1: President Riggs sends out email about establishing a new system for students to report health problems on campus. Students are also informed that former Hanson basement residents will indeed get priority housing for next year after all.

3/2: Students hold protest over the mold.

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