Bad Ass Woman: Lauren Cole

Continuing this exciting feature, this second profile focuses on Political Science and Globalization Studies major Lauren Cole. You may have seen her on the Lacrosse field, but read further to see what she’s like off the field as well.


Lauren Cole

  1. Accomplishment you’re proud of 

Last semester, Lauren studied abroad in Athens, Greece. While there, she had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with UNICEF; teaching English to women and children from war torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan. While she found it to be an immense challenge, in large part due to the language barrier, she was rewarded in her interactions with so many fearless women with astonishing strength. She learned a lot about herself during that process.

2. Challenge you’ve faced as a woman. 

Lauren struggles with the balance between being strong and proud, and needing to take extra safety precautions when she’s alone. She hates admitting that she is at times vulnerable, simply because she’s a woman.

3. Favorite thing about women / being a woman.

Lauren’s favorite thing about women is their strength and ability to overcome. Not only are women able to stand up for themselves (as if often needed), but also stand up for the justice of others.  She describes women as passionate, capable of loving deeply and are never satisfied. Lauren is drawn to a quote by Maya Angelou when thinking about women:

“You may trod me in the very dirt. But still, like dust, I rise.”

4. A woman you look up to 

Lauren looks up to her Nana, who went to college in the 1950s and worked as a medical assistant until she had children. She describes her as incredibly independent and often refuses to take “no” for an answer. Lauren jokingly says that her Nana has the energy of a small parade, and has never once heard her complain — instead moving through life with such strength and grace. Even now, in her retirement, she volunteers her time at a local school. Lauren is inspired by her Nana to push beyond social boundaries and never settle for anything short of excellence.

5. Plans after Gettysburg 

After Gettysburg, Lauren plans on serving her country as an intelligence officer in the Navy before attending law school!

On a more personal note, Lauren has done a great job at making sure that all different opinions are voiced in debates and reminding us that disagreement does not allow for being rude. As a club, we are bettered by her kind and genuine presence.

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