Bad Ass Woman: Gabby Killian

A true enigma even within the club, read more about our latest profile about Political Science major Gabby Killian.



  1. Accomplishment you’re proud of. 

Gabby is particularly proud of the volunteer work that she has done throughout her time at Gettysburg, both on and off campus. Just one example of this is El Centro, run through the college, which provides after-school opportunities for Latinx children in the community to improve their English and Spanish language skills. Gabby describes tutoring a third grade girl and feeling rewarded at having made a positive impact. She volunteered the day after the 2016 presidential election and it made her realize how important it is to protect our immigrant and minority communities.

2. Challenge faced as a woman. 

Gabby describes herself as having a strong personality; more specifically she is outspoken. She knows what she wants and has no problem making it known. Because of that, she is also often criticized by men in particular for being “too aggressive”, “bossy” and even a “bitch.” Gabby expressed frustration at the fact that if she were a man, she would be described by those same people as a “go-getter” or even “driven.” One example here at the college was during a group project where Gabby was working with three men . She describes how she would contribute something to the project, only to be met with silence. When one of the other men repeated what she had said, he was met with approval. Gabby says that she couldn’t help but think it was because of her gender.

3. Favorite thing about being a woman. 

Gabby loves that, as a woman, she gets to break misleading and outdate stereotypes about women. The common stereotype is that women are supposed to be dainty and docile is one that she believes she breaks on a regular basis. On the other hand, Gabby loves proving to people that being feminine and intelligent are NOT mutually exclusive. She is so proud of women for the strides that have been made, particularly in the political field – although she recognizes that there is still lots of work left to do.

4. A woman you look up to. 

Gabby most admires her mom, who was told by her employer that she should just become a stay-at-home mom after having her. Instead of being angry or listening to that unsolicited advice, her mom got her Master’s degree in Psychology. And when the same situation played out after her mom had her younger sister, she turned around and got her PhD! Gabby describes her mother as one of the smartest people she knows. She notes how she has been confronted with blatant sexism for most of her life – even as a professional – but has always overcome it and proved everyone who doubted her wrong!

5. Plans after Gettysburg.

Gabby plans to go to law school after graduation. More long-term, Gabby wants to practice as a lawyer, become a working mom (in the distant future, she wanted to clarify) and be a boss!



When asked for additional remarks, Gabby wanted to highlight her own personal achievements, including Dean’s Honors List for two semesters, being in Alpha Delta Pi, spiritually connecting with Kelly Kapoor from “The Office” and being PACD liaison for the Democrats in the Spring of 2017!


4.2/5 (5)


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