Student Senate receives a preview of the new Bullet Hole and proposed changes to the election process

The Student Senate was treated to a preview of the layout of the new CUB and Bullet Hole on Monday, courtesy of Mike Bishop, Gettysburg’s dining services manager. Students can plan on a larger seating space in Bullet, able to fit around 185 people, with more seating in the new Junction, as well as seating on a new patio with a firepit when weather permits.

The Commons is also moving into the new space, and the current Commons will be converted into a game room with a pool table and TVs for playing video games. The second floor of the building is going to house a new Center for Career Development Offices, as well as a lounge area, a conference room and a Student Senate room.

The new Bullet Hole is planned to offer more food options, as well. Mr. Bishop estimated there would be eighty to ninety-five new salad options, as well as two soups on offer every day. The new Pizza station will have consistent pasta and protein offerings, and the Sub station will have two new ovens in an attempt to make this line move faster. The new Grill area will offer homemade burgers, and it was brought up that Dining Services would like to begin providing more breakfast options, such as egg sandwiches.

Mr. Bishop emphasized several times that Bullet will be attempting to bake much of its own bread next year. There will also be a Kazue outpost, serving rice bowls and sushi. The idea of online ordering for Bullet was also brought up. Mr. Bishop explained that in the beginning, it will likely only apply to cold orders, while the staff gets used to the new space and operating in it. He eventually would like to offer online ordering for all items at the Bullet Hole.

There are no planned changes to meal plan prices next year. First-year plans will still be limited to Servo, and the idea of special events, such as Wing Nights and Steak Nights, was floated, to an enthusiastic response from the Student Senate.

The new CUB will also be LEED-certified, with many materials sourced from the surrounding area. All chairs will be locally made in Hanover from recycled Coke bottles, and Mr. Bishop promised there would be “plenty of outlets for you all to charge your devices”, on both the walls and a couple of the tables.

Pat McKenna and Aimee Bosman also presented the possible changes to the election process this year. Applications for Senate Exec board are still due by March 29 at 5pm, and campaigning will begin at 12:01 the next day. Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates will be required to get 100 signatures, while other exec board positions and class senators will be required to get at least 50. Graduating seniors do not count on any of these sheets.

“Affinity Groups” were also proposed, in response to criticisms that club representatives get no voice in Senate. This system would sort clubs into various groups, who would elect representatives with the same powers as Senators, giving clubs a voice without overwhelming the student body.

During the Student Concerns section of the night, several students pushed for Senate to select the students who will be members of JMR’s proposed committee to deal with facility issues in residence halls.

Senate also passed the Freedom of Expression Philosophy, which will go on to be voted by the Faculty and the Board of Trustees.

Colleges against Cancer, Civil War Club and Art Alliance were all allotted full budgets. Colleges against Cancer faced some questioning over the pizza provided at the Relay for Life being from Antica instead of Dominos’, but they provided ample reasoning and their budget was granted in full.

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