Con Edison is a criminal enterprise

Remember the insane winds that brought down a tree near Glatfelter this past weekend? That was the worst Nor’easter to hit the East Coast since the bomb cyclone this past January. And thundersnow storm Quinn is hitting the East Coast today.

My family has been without power since Friday, Mar. 2. There are still 70,000 people without power in the Hudson Valley (where I live), obviously as well as thousands of others across the East Coast. This storm hit 5 days ago, and the response has been severely lacking.

The response from electrical companies like Con Edison has been nothing short of criminal. When Hurricane Sandy hit, we were without power for a little over a week. This past storm should not be causing the lasting damage that it has. Customers have been without power for almost a week now, and it really makes you wonder what is being done to fix this problem. But customers can’t actually choose their electrical company because it’s determined regionally. So why would Con Ed even care how we’ve been affected? They know we can’t do anything to change their response.

We have many animals at our house, and so far a fish has died. We can expect more animal fatalities if the creatures living inside our house have to continue sleeping in below-zero temperatures at night.

Con Edison is a fish murderer.


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