Bad Ass Woman: Emma Golden

Women’s history month is continuing through Spring Break and going international, so read more to find out about Political Science major Emma Golden, who’s studying abroad this semester!

Emma Golden

  1. Accomplishment you are proud of. 

Emma is most proud of the opportunities she has worked most hard to achieve, such as interning on Capitol Hill last summer. Emma describes making the most of this opportunity by consistently working to the best of her ability. In a more academic setting, Emma has served on various exec positions in the Gettysburg College Democrats and is currently studying abroad and traveling all over Europe!

2. What’s a challenge you’ve faced as a woman?

Emma describes experiencing sexual harassment from figures of authority since adolescence, saying that this often made her feel helpless and small. This is what she describes as her most challenging moments as a woman. On the other hand, Emma says that the deeper national cognizance surrounding this issue, as well as the great relationships that she has formed, make her feel much more prepared and confident for the world.

3. Favorite thing about being a woman. 

Emma favorite thing about being a woman is that there is no singular definition of womanhood. She loves how much feminism is evolving to support all women’s desires, goals and capabilities.

4. Who is a woman that you look up to and why?

Emma looks up to Senator Kamala Harris. She most respects and is inspired by the barriers that she has broken and the degree of respect that she commands. Just one example of this is when Senator Harris reduced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a stuttering mess, as she questioned him during his hearing to the Senate intelligence committee.

5. Plans after Gettysburg.

Ideally, Emma will be doing policy or campaign-related work in Washington DC following Gettysburg.


On a more personal note, I think it’s safe to say that all of the club members are jealous of Emma’s pictures from studying abroad. We’re looking forward to having her back next semester!

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