That’s a wrap! The Oscars, which took place earlier this month, marks the end of the 2018 award season. Like usual, several gold statues were bestowed, many stale political jokes were made, and, of course, unforgivable crimes of fashion were committed. By far, this award season has contained the most lackluster red carpets of any in recent years. Though this made for a disappointing viewing, such atrocities are great fun to belittle. As such, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the WORST looks from the Oscars, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, and the Golden Globes. I tried to limit my pool of options by choosing celebrities that I think most people would recognize. In addition, I tried to add a scathing comment that is both an attempt at humor, and a reflection of my real opinion. Here we go!

(All photos are courtesy of E! Online)

Emma stone Oscars

Shoutout to Emma Stone for wearing her hair the same way I did in 7th grade. As for her outfit, I bet the waiters at the nearest Olive Garden were better dressed.


Lupita Oscars

God, this is bad, Lupita Nyong’o. The bedazzled, pseudo-armor appliqué across the dress makes her look like she tried (and failed) to be some type of Greek goddess-warrior hybrid. Next time, I would leave the costume at home.


Sally Hawkins OScars

What fresh hell is this, Sally Hawkins? Not only does this gown have atrocious shoulder pads and a color that reminds me of bedazzled concrete, but it fits her terribly. Also, the 5 year old who did her hair needs to be fired ASAP.


Haley Bennet Oscars

I don’t even know or care who Haley Bennett is, but she looks like an actual bushel of hay. Except not even the blindest, dumbest horse would take a bite of that.


Tim Cham 2018

Timothée Chalamet – If the prom date I never had showed up to my doorstep wearing this abomination of a tux, I would have just stayed home.


Zendaya Oscars

Apparently Zendaya got tangled in the ugliest, brownest curtain she could find.


Greta Oscars

Thanks for making female directors look bad since 2018, Greta Gerwig. None of this makes sense; not the dress, the necklace, the hair, or the lipstick.


Whoopi GOldberg osca

Whoopi Goldberg already has a natural tendency to give me nightmares, but this abomination of a belted, pleated piss-yellow and puke green dress made it so much worse.


Salma Hayek Oscars

Salma Hayek, please shut your mouth; the open mouthed fish stare is not sexy. The designer of this gown should be given a life sentence with no chance of parole for not only choosing this putrid shade of pink, but also for putting sparkles on ruffles.


Phoebe Oscars

I worked in the women’s department at JCPenney for 5 months, and I never saw a dress as cheap, poorly made, or unattractive as this. Sorry, Phoebe Waller Bridge.


connie britton

I know everyone wore black to the Golden globes to support the victims of sexual assault, but this cry for attention from Connie Britton is just embarrassing. Whether or not you agree with her dumb t-shirt, she just looks like a Mom trying to seem cool.


Sally Hawkins GG

Sally Hawkins – It seems like you’re wearing the dress while it’s still on the hanger? Get something that fits, please. And stop letting the closest toddler do your hair…


Margot Robbie GG

You can tell by Margot Robbie’s face that she hates her own dress, but honestly, who can blame her.


freddie GG

In addition to wearing a very cheap looking tux, Freddie Highmore’s hair looks like a giant helmet of grease. Do they not have showers at Bates Motel?


Sally Hawkins SAGs



Kate Hudson SAG

The only explanation for wearing this pink and black disease is that Kate Hudson wanted to make some headlines. Unfortunately for her, now we know she is both desperate AND irrelevant.


Molly Sims SAG

Molly Sims looks like a paper lantern from a six year old’s Little Mermaid-themed birthday party.


Nicole Kidman SAG

Nicole Kidman must have really missed ex-husband Tom Cruise when choosing this dress, cause the shoulder detail looks like a giant, throbbing wart.


Laura Linney SAG

If I were you, Laura Linney, I would use that cape to fly as far away as I could from any cameras….

The title of worst dressed of the 2018 Award Season goes to actress Sally Hawkins for appearing on this list for all three of her red carpet choices!

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