Senate moves fast, passes two budgets and tables an amendment in 30 minutes.

Gettysburg’s Student Senate met in Mara Auditorium on March 19th, 2018, to pass two budgets and further discuss the Election Amendment.

The biggest discussion of the night was had over Gettysburg News Network’s budget request, needed in order to pay for a year of the planned phone app for the news service. Because this could possibly be a yearly thing and only she and Nick Arbaugh ‘20 were at the last Budget Committee Meeting, Treasurer Sarah Berkowitz ‘18 said that she did not feel she could recommend actions taken to the senate. After it was pointed out that Senate finances other yearly events, such as Burgburst, and GNN asked only for enough money to keep the app up for a year, the budget was passed in full.

The Asian Student Alliance’s budget request for money to bring Jason Chu, a rapper and singer whose work “deals with identity, society, and freedom” to campus in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Week.

The Election Amendment to the Constitution was brought for discussion on the floor tonight. Nobody had anything to say, and it was promptly tabled to be voted on at the next meeting. The amendment will begin to enforce candidate conduct rules more strictly, and Junior class senators will have to run on a semester by semester basis due to the high number of Juniors who study abroad. The number of senators per class will be cut down to four from seven, with seven at-large Senators who win the next highest vote counts joining the body in the Fall once First-Year Students have had the chance to vote. Clubs will also begin to have affinity groups and affinity group leaders, affording the clubs as a whole seven votes and thus more of a voice in the Senate.

Anyone interested in perusing the exact changes to the Senate Constitution can find them marked in red here.

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