Bullet’s best kept secret

I am not afraid to proclaim my love for the new, albeit temporary, Bullet Hole. Though the stacked lines can be confounding, the ample seating space is enough to win my affections. However, there is one aspect of “New Bullet” that I love above all else: the breakfast offerings.

I discovered Bullet’s delicious breakfast options at the end of last semester, a revelation which ensured the tightening of my jeans as well as the development of a Mama Kangaroo stomach paunch. But I will be damned if those tater tots aren’t worth it.

Undoubtedly, the aforementioned tater tots are the highlight of Bullet’s breakfast offerings. Whether you pair them with ketchup or eat them in their naturally savory state, I promise you their taste will affirm your reason to live. However, the tots are not the only reason to journey to Bullet before the lunchtime rush. Indeed, the egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, which come with either bacon or sausage, also serve as one of the few proofs of God’s existence. I prefer them to any possible wrap or sub, and find myself using them as inspiration to wake up earlier.

For those who do not wish to inflate their stomachs and thighs until they resemble a Goodyear Blimp, healthier options are available. The oatmeal is delectable and doled out rather generously. If desired, one can add a few sprinkles of brown sugar or a handful of craisins to add some more flavor. In addition, the typical offerings of bagels also abound, as do the small cups of Yoplaît yogurt, various juices and cartons of choccy milk. Though Bullet Hole does not quite possess the array of breakfast options found in Servo, the choices it does offer are divine, and it would be an assault on mankind to overlook them.

5/5 (3)


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