Predictions for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch

The Super Smash Brothers fighting game series has always been one of the most popular Nintendo franchises. It’s a chance to pit your favorite Nintendo characters against each and see which one is the strongest. Each new installment in the series has added in more of our favorite Nintendo characters. With the announcement of the latest Smash Bros. game coming to the Nintendo Switch console, everyone is asking ‘which new characters will appear in this new game?’

After careful consideration, we’ve come up with a list of (in our opinions) the top 5 most likely new characters to appear in this upcoming release. We’ll tell you our picks (in no particular order), a bit about each character’s powers and abilities, as well as talk about their respective games of origin. Without further ado — on to the list!

Our first character prediction is Rex, a character originally from the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. Hailing from the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (ironically the third installment in the series), Rex would be the second representative from Xenoblade to appear in Super Smash Bros. Released on December 1, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an RPG epic featuring the story of a young salvager boy named Rex. He inhabits a world called Alrest where people live on the backs of massive creatures they call Titans. Rex leads a normal life selling scrap he salvages from the sea, until he finds a legendary blade called the Aegis. Rex and his friends are then thrust into an epic adventure to determine nothing less than the fate of all of humanity.

The Aegis grants Rex many abilities including mastery over fire, increased strength and durability and even the ability to see into the immediate future. Rex would most likely fight in Smash Bros. similarly to Shulk since their weapons are similar in nature, but Rex would probably have an increased focus on fire damage and burning attacks. Rex’s special attack (referred to as a “Final Smash attack” in the series) would most likely be Sacred Arrow: one of Rex’s most powerful attacks. Considering this game’s fairly high review score, and the fact that the Xenoblade series already has a representative, I can realistically see Rex as one of the most likely characters to join Super Smash Bros. in the new release.

Our next prediction is Spring Man from the Nintendo Switch title ARMS. Released on June 16, 2017, ARMS is an entirely new series from Nintendo created specifically for the Switch console. ARMS is a fighting game that is an interesting twist on a standard boxing match. Each character on the ARMS roster has arms that stretch out when you deliver a punch, allowing for long-ranged punching attacks. From the ARMS character roster, Spring Man is the standard character. He’s the basic all-around fighter that best summarizes the premise of the game, and because of this, we think he’s likely to be in the new Super Smash Bros.

Spring Man’s attacks and abilities would most likely be long-ranged punch attacks. He may even utilize some of the different arm attachments that he has in his game of origin. Spring Man comes equipped with a standard boxing glove, a boomerang glove to deliver curved punches, and even the Tribolt: which delivers a volley of 3 smaller punches. With the introduction of the ARMS series, Nintendo will likely want to promote the game by including Spring Man in Super Smash Bros, which is why we’re including him on this list.

Our next prediction is Decidueye from Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. These games were released in November 18, 2016, but Decidueye also appears in the follow-up games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon released November 17, 2017. You may have heard the familiar story of a Pokemon game, where you get to choose a starter Pokemon, and travel across the land to try and “Catch ‘em All”. In the Sun and Moon games this is no different, however, the games take place in the tropical Alola islands area. If you choose to start your adventure with the grass-type pokemon Rowlet, you will eventually have it’s evolved form: Decidueye.

Being a grass-type Pokemon, Decidueye would make use of grass and leaf-based attacks to battle it’s foes. Additionally, Decidueye is a Ghost-type Pokemon, and has the ability to shoot shadow arrows at enemies. Its owl-like body suggests that it may have the power of flight. All of these points make Decidueye a solid ranged character in Super Smash Bros. Nintendo has always added a new Pokemon character with each installment of Smash Bros, and we see Decidueye as a solid candidate to fill that roll.

The oldest character on our prediction list by far isn’t a newcomer to the Super Smash Bros series. You may then ask “why this character is being included on this list if they were in previous games?” Well the answer is that they were removed from the series after the third entry: Super Smash Bros Brawl. I am speaking of course, about the Ice Climbers. Originally from the game Ice Climber released on January 30, 1985 for the NES, the Ice Climbers were always an interesting character. Serving as a kind of two-for-one character, playing as the Ice Climbers results in a computer-controlled ally following you wherever you go. This created an interesting character that relied on teamwork to use many of the Ice Climber’s best powers.

The reason we predict that the Ice Climbers will make a return in the new Super Smash bros game is because of the way the internet reacted when people discovered that the Ice Climbers had been dropped from the Smash Bros roster. Each time Nintendo released a DLC character for Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, people just became more and more frustrated that the Ice Climbers didn’t return. We predict that Nintendo will attempt to make up for this by having the Ice Climbers return in the upcoming installment of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch.

The final prediction on this list is a bit more generic than the rest, but I see it as nearly a certainty that they’ll be included. Nintendo is almost definitely going to include a new Fire Emblem character. If you’re unfamiliar with Fire Emblem, look no further than past Smash Bros representatives of the series: Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, Robin, and Corrin. No other Nintendo Series other than Nintendo’s golden goose Super Mario Brothers has more representatives.

Clearly Nintendo has a preference for including Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros, which makes sense for one large reason; When the second installment in the Super Smash Bros. series was released, popular characters from the (at the time) Japan-only series Fire Emblem were included in the game. This sparked an interest in Fire Emblem overseas, and today Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s top sellers in the USA. It’s difficult to predict exactly which Fire Emblem character will be included, but the most recent release will most likely have a spot on the Super Smash Bros roster.

And that’s all five predictions. Remember that this is all based on opinions, and is not a solid guarantee. I hope you enjoyed reading this list as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you would like to play Super Smash Bros on campus (or one of many other games), then come join us at Games Club in Glat 104 Friday and Saturday at 8PM.

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