The perk of studying on the Eastside


Studying at Gettysburg College, you can really tell when the seasons shift. You will be enjoying the chilly breeze one day, and then you will wake up to a blatantly snow-coated scenery in front of your window the very next day; it is like waking up in a completely new city.

Though one cannot deny the breathtaking surroundings outdoor, the thought of leaving the warmth of your cozy bedroom on a snowy day sends chills to every typical student, especially college students whose sleeping is a luxury they can hardly ever afford. So the next thing is to check the emails to see if there is any notification from their professors. What could be more exhilarating on such a harsh day than an email saying that your class get cancelled and you could enjoy some more extra sleeping hours?

However, with winter storms — like the one taking place the past week in Gettysburg — it was due to the safety of individuals living off-campus, who needed to commute to Gettysburg College, that the school had to close early and classes got cancelled. Schedule of everyone on campus was surely affected but one’s safety should always be prioritized.

Because there is nothing to do about the schedule disruption, one might as well make the best out of the weather (by immersing oneself into completing assignments designed especially for snow-day from your professors) and enjoy the typical snow-day as a college student studying on the Eastside of America!


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