About the LGBTQA Panel Mar 28, 2018

What is the queer community like at Gettysburg College?


I attended a LGBTQA panel for my WGS class the other night where my good folks poured out their heart and proudly shared their personal stories. It was not the first panel I attended, however, but it was so inspirational I decided to write a reflection on the talk. The folks last night, whose portraits represent many many ways of being queer, have long been inspiring other peeps to smash gender binary. These folks refuse to compromise with identity erasure in order to gain public acceptance. They did a great job overdosing the audience with heavy doses of bravery and inspiration for living to their truth with their talks last night.  

Coming from a Third World country where English is not my native language, what came as a big shock to me when I first came here, as opposed to many people’s expectation, was not the language barrier, it was the LGBTQA Culture. Such culture seemed to be a huge taboo in my hometown, it was barely acknowledged, let alone being accepted. The folks last night were one of the first peeps to give me the language to describe myself that I could never confidently embrace otherwise. I did not know before coming here how liberating it was to finally come to terms with yourself and your sexuality.

Why strictly place yourself to a binary group when your gender is only a social construct, a human creation? However, being socially constructed does not exclude one from serious pressure or having a life impact. Gender is human craft, but if you treat it like it does exist, the consequences would turn out to be real. Just like one cannot eat the same dish everyday, one should have the rights to revel in what makes them happy and just go with it.

As long as there exists dominant white privilege and heteronormativity, the hardships continue to folks out there who are badly mistreated for living true to themselves. You would come across such horrible scenario everywhere you go to, but if you ever find yourself in Gettysburg College, there are folks (staff, peers) who are more than willing to take you in their intellectual and prideful pride community.

So to my queer folks, please do continue doing your good work with Outerspace, a supportive community that celebrates and honors queerness, and brings us more fantastic panels like the one the other night!

*Outerspace is a student led group striving to provide a social and supportive community space for all LGBTQA+ students to navigate their identities, feel comfortable sharing their experiences and discuss ways Gettysburg College can foster a supportive environment for every member.

If you want to know more about Outerspace, simply visit:

https://www.facebook.com/GburgOuterspace/ or get to know more about Women’s Center for more updated queer archives. Visit:


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