Sophomore Nick Lord creates new social media app for musicians ‘to connect on one platform’


Sophomore Nick Lord recently created a new social media app, MusiConnect, which allows musicians to interact — “a Tinder for musicians,” he described it.  It has now been available for free download in app stores for around six months and has grown to include over 1000 users from 20 plus countries — attracting listeners, fans and players of music.

Lord began teaching himself guitar at early age and coupled this musical ability with a desire to create his own app.

“I wanted to create an app, but didn’t know what I wanted to create,” said Lord.

The app now acts as a way for amateur musicians to find out about certain events, schedule gigs and share videos of themselves playing their tunes.

Users have the chance to connect or follow other musicians, and this gives users a chance to learn and advance their own skill-sets, he said.

“It’s a new way for musicians to connect on one platform,” Lord said when describing why his app was unique.


There are some featured artists, who produce premium content and are known as stars on YouTube. A newer, more advanced version of the app has been out for around a month, and it includes a location feature, MusiCollabs, which gives users the chance to find other nearby musicians in order to collaborate and/or play together. His new goal is to attract a larger variety of musicians, not just guitarists like himself.

One of the baseline features is the ability to create your own artist profile to promote your craft and product.

Lord is also a student-athlete who plays basketball and studies economics.

Click HERE to download and learn more about MusiConnect.

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