Young Voters Day

Gettysburg College Democrats to host “Young Voters Day” on April 14 

Time: 12PM-3:00PM 

Location: Mara Auditorium, Gettysburg College 


Gettysburg: Gettysburg College Democrats is proud to announce a major event on the campus of Gettysburg College. On April 14, our first annual Young Voters Day will feature four notable speakers: current Lt. Governor Mike Stack, running for reelection in 2018; Mayor John Fetterman, of Braddock PA, also seeking the office of Lt. Governor; Kate Michelman, former director of NARAL Pro-Choice America; and Anne Wakabayashi, Executive Director of Emerge PA.  

In 2014, only 17% of millennials voted in the midterm elections. As we have seen in recent weeks, millennial and post-millennial voices are growing loud and powerful. We want to encourage our peers to follow the upcoming elections closely and turn out in November to elect officials who will listen and act on issues we care deeply about. Our main goal on April 14 is to register as many new voters as possible.  

Gettysburg College Democrats support a host of progressive values including universal healthcare, affordable college, an increased minimum wage, the protection of minorities and LGBTQ Americans, reproductive freedom, environmental protection, and increased gun control. Although our speakers share these values, their visit to Gettysburg on April 14th is not a rally nor a campaign event. They will speak about the importance of youth engagement in politics as well as the crucial issues that our generation faces.    

Besides our speakers, the event will feature remarks from members of Gettysburg College Democrats and our co-sponsoring organizations, including Democracy Matters, Students Against Sexual Assault, and Gettysburg Outerspace. We will have entertainment provided by the Gettysburg College Music Department and pizza for all attendees.  

Please visit our Facebook event page and sign up: 

Our website contains additional information: 

Note: Gettysburg College does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. 

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