Senate Attendance is Important

At the April 16th 2018 Senate Meeting, attendance was the hot topic of the night. The Fly Fishing Club’s re-application for recognition after they missed too many Senate meetings and their attendance hearing came under scrutiny from the Senate. Despite claiming to have about 20 holdover members from last semester, the Co-Presidents also claimed that they were unaware of the attendance requirement and thought that Secretary Helmstetter’s emails warning them of their imminent de-recognition was “a scam”. Senator Alex Xie ‘20 was also removed from office due to a lack of attendance.

The Beekeeping Club was Senate-Recognized tonight. President Jean Eckert ‘20 said that there are beekeeping members of Gettysburg staff who have offered to help the club start; bees can be ordered in the mail, and one possible location for the hives is the roof of Servo.

The Senate discussed a clarification of the language in the Impeachment section of the Senate constitution. The process as a whole was not changed drastically, and with minimal discussion the amendment was tabled until next week.

The Senate also considered an official opinion on Senate picking the student members of task forces and administrative committees. This opinion was also passed with minimal discussion; it was noted that this amendment is non-binding, but also actionable. The Policy Committee now has precedent for creating a procedure for appointing such members and could possibly work on such an insert for the constitution.

GASA and ASA both received their full budget requests.

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