Final Senate Meeting Full of Emotions, Discussion

The final Senate meeting of the 2017-2018 school year on April 30th began with a drizzle of feelings, President Luke Frigon saying that Senate “Was incredibly fun; thank you all for letting me have the experience and not impeaching me”. The rest of the executive board expressed similar sentiments, and then moved into the meeting.


Vice President Aimee Bosman announced that Nick Arbaugh ‘20 had won the Presidential Re-Election.


President Frigon then gave the Senator awards for this year. The Emerging Leader Award went to Abby Hauer, August Umholtz was awarded Best Committee Chair, Jack Lashendock was given the Stand Out Award and the Janet Morgan Riggs Award was awarded to Alex Engelsman.


August Umholtz then gave the Senate a run-through of the new website, The new site is mobile-compatible, and includes links to minutes, easy access to budget request forms, and information on all the committees connected to Senate.


All budget requests of the night were approved fully. The Senate Executive Board requested the funds left over after all events finished, estimated to be around $22,500. Most of this money is slated to possibly install water bottle fillers in each of the six first-year residence halls, as well as Musselman and Stevens. Donations to charities associated with Gettysburg were suggested. Among these were the donations to Camp Northword in honor of Maya Fairbanks, and the Memorial Fund for Alumna Jay Spiese.


Senate also held their election for Secretary, which Ms. Marisa Balanda ‘21 won. A short summary of each candidate’s positions can be found here.


Vice President Aimee Bosman then certified all election results and the new Executive Board was inducted: President Nick Arbaugh ‘20, Vice President Patrick Custer ‘19, Secretary Marisa Balanda ‘21, Parliamentarian Abby Hauer ‘21, and OSAGL Rep Laryssa Horodysky ‘21. A new Treasurer will be appointed in the fall by President Arbaugh and approved by a vote of the Executive Board.


Students expressed concerns about dryers costing money while washing does not, despite dryers not being fixed. Dean Ramsey, attending the meeting, said it was the first she had heard of it and would bring it up with President Riggs tomorrow. The college’s awarding of an honorary degree to Bill Cosby was also discussed. College Democrats are currently circulating a petition to revoke it, and the Honorary Degree committee is holding a vote Saturday that is likely to nearly unanimously do so.


Senator Michael Mancuso ‘20 told a short story about an alum who helped him become involved in Senate, and President Frigon encouraged Senate to not only “carry the torch, but it’s also up to you to pass it”.

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