A definitive ranking of Gettysburg College campus housing

As the fall semester begins, students start to settle into their new homes. At this point, bitter upperclassmen have made peace with the hand the housing lottery dealt them, and everyone is focused on making their new living situations as comfortable as possible.

However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that some campus housing is objectively better than others. As such, I am going to rank the upperclassmen housing options. For simplicity, I will not be including fraternity housing or theme houses. Let’s begin!

Side Note: This list operates under the assumption that most upperclassmen prefer apartment-style living and strongly consider location. The opinions of several students were consulted, and the choices from the most current housing lottery were also taken into account. Obviously, this list may not reflect what each student personally prefers. It is meant to illustrate the general preferences of the upperclassmen student body.

1.) Quarry Suites

Unsurprisingly, the four Quarry suites (Hazlett, Haaland, West, & Corkran) are the crême de la crême of Gettysburg’s housing options. They are spacious, air conditioned, and relatively new. In addition, the suites boast attractive exteriors as well as a variety of single/double combinations. Each apartment offers a modest living space and a partial kitchen, and each building has a full kitchen and a common area. Also, laundry and trash facilities are located in each building. All in all, the Quarry suites are an ideal place to live. Their only potential downside is their somewhat inconvenient location on the far West side of campus.

2.) Apple Hall

Undoubtedly, Apple Hall is the best located apartment complex; Servo, CUB, Bullet, and Musselman library are only short walks away. Apple is also air conditioned, and all apartments offer living spaces and full kitchens. Unlike Quarry, however, Apple’s exterior is not particularly attractive and there are no building commons spaces or kitchens. Although Apple offers 3,4,5,& 6 person apartments, they are generally of lower quality than those in Quarry, rendering it a slightly less ideal place to live on campus, though only just.

3.) Ice House Complex

Frequently underrated, Ice House Complex boasts several large apartments that are all outfitted with full kitchens, living spaces, and air conditioning. Although the rooms are not as polished as Quarry’s or Apple’s, they are still comfortable apartments with ample space. Ice’s largest downside is it’s location; right next to the train tracks, it is a far walk to Servo, CUB, Bullet, & the library.

4.) College Apartments

Similar to Ice, College Apartments are spacious townhouses with living rooms, full kitchens, and air conditioning. Unfortunately, there is no apartment laundry, and the location is also next to the train tracks and far from core parts of campus. In addition, they are not as well kept as Ice, Apple, or Quarry, though they still provide ample room and privacy.

5.) 209 N. Washington Street

Although 209 N. Washington Street is not air conditioned, it provides a comfortable housing option with multiple apartments, all of which have full kitchens, dining areas, and common spaces. In addition, laundry is located in the building and the complex is right across the street from Shmucker Hall and a brief walk from Glatfelter. 209 is also ideal for larger groups; the building offers one 6 person, one 7 person, and two 8 person apartments.

6.) 129, 131, & 227 N. Washington Street

Like 209, the N. Washington Street apartments buildings lack air conditioning, but they offer kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and multiple bathrooms. In addition, there is a variety of single/double combinations and the rooms are generally well sized. They are also all well located on campus, and great options for apartment-style living.

7.) 25 Railroad Street

Fittingly titled, 25 Railroad Street apartments are located right between the train tracks and College Apartments. It offers 3 apartments, one which boasts 5 singles. Although the building is not air conditioned, each apartment has a full kitchen with a dining area and living space. There is no on site laundry and the location serves as a deterrent for most students.

8.) Paxton Hall

Without a doubt, Paxton Hall is the best option of the motels, and generally an ideal place to live for sophomores. The doubles are all air conditioned and well sized for two people. In addition, each room has its own private bathroom, with laundry and trash facilities are on site. Paxton’s location on the far corner of campus on Carlisle street renders it a closer walk to Servo & CUB than the other motels, which gives it a slight edge over Lahm and Smyser. Lastly, Paxton tends to be better kept than Smyser, Lahm, & Colonial and possesses a more attractive exterior.

9.) Lahm Hall

Like Paxton, every room in Lahm offers a private bathroom and air conditioning. In addition, Lahm has six singles and is located next to the Economics & Africana Studies Department building and across the street from the Admissions building. Lahm may not be much to look at on the outside, but it’s AC & available singles secure it as a fine option for upperclassmen housing.

10.) Smyser Hall

Smyser is a one-story motel located across the street from Paxton. All rooms offer air conditioning and private bathrooms, and laundry and trash facilities are located on site. Unlike Lahm, Smyser has no singles, and has a far less attractive exterior than Paxton. In addition, the rooms tend to be of a lower quality than those in Paxton and Lahm.

11.) Stevens Hall

Across the street from Lahm, Stevens Hall is well situated on campus and boasts a very attractive exterior. The rooms are not air conditioned, but they do offer hardwood floors and are generally of a decent size. In addition, Stevens offers a full kitchen on the first floor as well as a furnished common room. Unfortunately, residents do not get their own private bathrooms.

12.) Colonial Hall

The last of the motels, Colonial is located across from the Ugly Mug, and is often forgotten as campus housing. Though all rooms have air conditioning and private bathrooms with bathtubs, Colonial’s location and unattractive exterior render it a less desirable option for upperclassmen housing.

13.) Baughman Hall (Seminary)

Located one mile from campus, Baughman Hall or “Seminary” is the farthest housing option offered by the college. Despite its isolating location, Seminary does boast air conditioning, parking, and laundry, as well as singles and doubles. As long as one owns a car or bike, Seminary can be a nice place to live, especially considering the privacy it offers. However, the social isolation that can accompany life in Seminary renders it undesirable by most students.

14.) Musselman Hall

Oh, Muss. Lacking both AC and private bathrooms, it is essentially a first-year dorm for upperclassmen. In addition, everyone has heard horror stories from its inhabitants; some residents do not respect the facilities and as a result Muss tends to be generally less clean than other housing options. It does, however, offer a full kitchen and common room, as well as trash and laundry facilities on site. Musselman Hall is also one of the best located housing options. Despite these positive qualities, most upperclassmen try to avoid it.

15.) 223 Carlisle Street

Commonly referred to as “Old TKE,” 223 Carlisle Street rounds out my ranking of upperclassmen housing. It does not possess air conditioning and residents must use Colonial’s laundry facilities. In addition, there is no kitchen and no private bathrooms. Lastly, it’s location on the far end of campus on Carlisle street renders it inconvenient for most students.

4.11/5 (9)


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